We work with nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area and Idaho to develop marketing strategies that will help them to soar.
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Our Mission

Graybird Foundation donates marketing expertise and services to community, education, environmental and fine arts nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area and Idaho.
We team with our valued clients to identify, scope, and deliver a bold marketing move.

Our Team

Graybird Foundation is fueled by our business and marketing experience and a desire to give back.

Jill Grossman

Jill Grossman

Founder, Chair and CEO

Responsible for strategic planning, identifying projects, and supervising fundraising.

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Helen Boyer

Helen Boyer


Responsible for strategic planning, client partnerships, grant management, finance and operations.

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Who is the Graybird Foundation team?

Graybird Foundation was created by Jill Grossman, Helen Boyer and Renee Spooner.

What is Graybird Foundation?

Graybird Foundation is a private, non-operating foundation that makes grants to support the marketing needs of nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area and Idaho.

Where does Graybird Foundation operate?

Graybird Foundation serves nonprofits focused on community, education, environment, and fine arts in the San Francisco Bay Area and Idaho.

What is the Graybird Foundation team’s nonprofit track record?

The Graybird team has extensive experience working with various nonprofits. Our past clients include: Abilitypath, Architects of Peace Foundation, Berkeley Symphony, Crystal Springs Uplands School, Foundation for a College Education, Golden State Youth Orchestra, Idaho Conservation League, LifeMoves, Michael Collopy Photography, NAMI San Mateo County, Reach for Home, Surviving Skokie, The Alliance and Wood River Women’s Foundation.

When was Graybird Foundation created?

Graybird Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation in December of 2015.

How is Graybird funded?
Graybird is funded through private donations.
Why was Graybird Foundation formed?

Graybird Foundation was created to identify strategic projects and donate marketing services which advance the missions of: community, education, environmental, and fine arts nonprofits in the SF Bay Area.

How is Graybird Foundation different than other nonprofit marketing firms?

Graybird Foundation teams with clients to develop and fund strategic marketing initiatives. We integrate with our grantees, working side-by-side to map out a plan, achieve their goals and see them through to completion. Our clients benefit from the professional marketing expertise we provide that their operating budget may not have been able to accommodate. Graybird benefits by making a meaningful difference for local SF Bay Area and Idaho nonprofits.

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