What We Do

We provide strategy, branding, communications, and project management services to nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area and Idaho.


Graybird assesses an organization’s current situation, then recommends and delivers specific projects to help the nonprofit achieve its goals. Factors influencing strategy include alignment to the mission, research, stakeholder surveys and the client’s capacity for change.


Our involvement in branding projects includes: surveying stakeholders, scouting and recruiting partner agencies, website design and content creation, message development, planning and executing launches, overall project and vendor management.



Getting the right message to the right audience is paramount for any nonprofit. Graybird Foundation specializes in honing in on the critical messages that will resonate with each segment of an organization’s constituents. 



Graybird consultants bring years of experience and insight culled from successful projects with Apple, BEA/Oracle, Crystal Springs Uplands School, Macromedia/Adobe, Polycom, Silicon Graphics, Sophie’s World and VMware. We handle all the various components of a client’s marketing initiative and liaise with vendors and partners for a complete solution.

Grant Process

If you think you might fit the criteria for a Graybird grant, check our Grant Process page for more information.

Field Guides

Take advantages of our HOW-TO Marketing Handbooks to help you improve your Marketing footprint.

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