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Graybird partnered with LifeMoves to help rebrand and unify transformational homeless services in Silicon Valley.

The Challenge

We hold great respect for Bay Area nonprofits that help the underserved in our communities. In 2012, two leading Silicon Valley homeless organizations-Shelter Network and InnVision the Way Home-merged to offer better support for families,veterans and individuals seeking stable and affordable housing. Once the business operations were totally integrated, the management team realized the combined entity needed a new identity to fully convey the breadth of transformational services they provided clients. When we were approached to help lead an intentional branding process, a messaging refresh and a thorough website overhaul, we knew this was the right fit.
How Can You Help
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​Graybird Foundation played a pivotal role in the launch of the new LifeMoves brand. LifeMoves benefited greatly from the unique Graybird Foundation approach that grants not just funds, but energy, expertise and passion for marketing. Their team of seasoned consultants helped us assess how the agency was perceived by our donors, led the re-branding task force and delivered key projects that advanced our marketing impact and to achieve our funding goals.

— Bruce Ives, LifeMoves CEO

The Strategy

The first step was to form a task force made up of board members, staff and industry experts who would marshal the process to generate a new identity.

The goal was to foster a new brand that would promote the impressive accomplishments of the organization. For instance, in the fiscal 2015 year, 97% of families and 82% of individuals who completed the transitional housing programs returned to stable housing and self sufficiency.


Selecting a Bay Area design agency that could represent the spirit and heart of the rebranding initiative was the first order of business. A task force subcommittee drafted selection criteria, researched a list of recommended firms, arrived on a short roster of contenders, and conducted in-person pitch briefings. With board approval, the task force ultimately chose BrewLife of San Francisco, whose award-winning team was passionate and energized to spearhead the messaging platform, naming process and brand design.


The driving principle amongst BrewLife, Graybird and the task force was teamwork. We collaborated for 14 months to deliver a world-class rebrand that included messaging, branding and design to drive the creation of the new name, logo, color palette and business system.

“Graybird was a strategic partner in co-managing our enormous rebranding initiative. Their onsite consultant ran the marathon along side us and was instrumental in getting the project across the finish line.”
— Amy Wright, VP of Development and Strategic Communications

For the benefit of brand consistency, Graybird assisted the LifeMoves marketing communications leader with the production of signs, name badges, banners, photography, animation, logo-wear and even wrapping the box truck!


Marketing & Communications

Essential to the success of LifeMoves is its updated integrated services program that teaches clients vital skills and accountability to reach personal independence. The rebrand inspired a new pyramid model that gives all stakeholders a clearer structure to explain LifeMoves services that help clients break the cycle of homelessness.


One of the most strategic additions to the team was StoverPix, an interactive and graphics design firm recruited to overhaul the LifeMoves website with a sleek and modern update. Targeted to donors, the new site features prominent photos of LifeMoves clients and volunteers and a new, easy navigation to help boost donations.


Gaining community support was key to the success of the rebrand. Especially important was employee buy-in. Graybird helped orchestrate the Lead Brand Ambassador committee to champion the new identity and lent coordination support for the All Staff sneak peek celebration party. Additionally, Graybird facilitated the two public ribbon-cutting ceremonies and hosted the VIP appreciation event.

Robin is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind experiences that are flawlessly executed with impeccable style.

Robin is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind experiences that are flawlessly executed with impeccable style.

Graybird held the LifeMoves VIP launch event in concert with Robin Laub. Robin is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind experiences that are flawlessly executed with impeccable style. For the LifeMoves VIP launch event, her fun bicycle theme truly made a splash with all who came to celebrate the rebranding of Silicon Valley’s most important homeless services organization. Visit to learn more.

“We teamed with Graybird to create a new, integrated social media campaign that promoted the LifeMoves public ribbon-cutting events and become the focal point in generating support from a wider audience of donors, employees and partners.”

— Carolyn Hooper, Marketing Communications Manager

Lasting Results

On January 26, 2016 InnVision Shelter Network became LifeMoves. The new name places emphasis on the personal accountability that the organization expects from its clients. LifeMoves showcases the impressive ability to support and guide the homeless as they transform through meaningful and positive life moves. The new tagline, “Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness,” spotlights the organization’s mission to rapidly return clients to stable and long-term housing, thereby effectively bringing an end to intergenerational homelessness.

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